January 7, 2009

Book of Me!!!

How many of you never scrapbook themselves??? I was certainly one of them until I read more and more about people starting to scrapbook about themselves. I thought it was an excellent idea and it really makes me look back on the person I have become. I started this class with 6 amazing girls who are as excited as I am to make a whole album about different things of ourselves. I know it is soooooo much more easy to scrapbook someone else but it's time to take a minute and think of us for a change. Don't you agree??? Here are the first 3 layouts we have done. It is a working progress. At the end we will have finished a whole 6 x 9 album of ourselves. How cool is that???

Well I have decided to repeat this class because so many of you have asked if I was going to give it again. I just received the albums so we can start the class soon. We have 1 class a month. The class will last 10 months because there is 10 layouts to finish the whole album. We will use the same sketches for the second class. The only difference will be that we will use different paper and maybe different embellishments. The topics will also be the same so you can already start looking for your pictures if you are interested in taking the class.

I don't have a starting date yet, but I was thinking of starting this class in March. January is already filled up and I only have 2 1/2 weeks of classes in February because I will be going on the CROP and CRUISE.

I will start taking registration for this class now so you can start getting ready for it. I know some of you don't enjoy getting your pictures takin but I think it's going to be fun. The first class is $20.00 and all classes after that are $10.00/month.

Send me an e-mail as soon as possible if you are interested in this class as it will fill up fast.

Happy Scrapping.


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Sabrina said...

Thanks for the lovely comment!! You blog is GREAT! you have a scrapbook store? that is lovely, a scrappers dream! There is no actual store here in the Philadelphia area :-( I have to order everything, or rely on Michaels and AcMoore hehe!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog!!!